ALAJCHEM offers Kingdom wide Lab maintenance Services and Service contracts. We are proud of our highly skilled team of technicians who specialise in Labware.
Keeping your lab equipment in peak condition is vital if the results of your experiments are going to be accurate and reliable. Precise measurements are the foundation of most science experiments, so failing to maintain your equipment could derail your entire study. Contamination can also completely invalidate your lab results, so thorough housekeeping is just as important as the more glamorous parts of working in a lab.
Labs rely on the ability to deliver accurate results in minimal turnaround time, and efficient equipment is essential to make sure that these goals can be met. In addition to this, equipment is often one of the most significant outlays in labs, where limited funding often means that expenditure must be carefully controlled.
From aiding your research to keeping your lab costs within budget, there are plenty of reasons why equipment maintenance is essential for your lab.
ALAJCHEM offers annual maintenance contracts for all kinds of Lab equipment. Please contact us to we will tailor the best deal according to your need. 







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