Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel EST. Established in 1984 single handedly by Sheik Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel It was started by acquiring with worldwide known brands, HACH-For Water Quality and CHEMSEARCH -Industrial Maintenance Chemicals and ever since then as per growing market demands for Water Sector in the Kingdom, more product lines have been acquired as a comprehensive organization offering more products for Lab requirements.

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Process Line Division

Liquid analysers are used for monitoring process chemistry including water quality, providing process optimization and control.
with global water and wastewater application expertise and knowledge, Abuljadayel & Sons Co. is the best partner throughout the entire water cycle. From abstraction to treatment, distribution and the management of the wastewater process,
Process Analyzer measurement instruments are in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Chemical & Research Chemical

Abuljadayel & Sons Co. is Your partner for laboratory reagents and chemicals for industrial use,, In the chemical analysis the use of reagents of adequate quality is essential for the accuracy of the achieved results.
In Abuljadayel & Sons Co. we know how important it is to use reagents of suitable purity and consistent batch to batch. We offer a wide product range of different qualities specially indicated for general analytical applications with guaranteed specifications by a rigorous quality control in our analytical laboratories. 

Technical Services

Servicing is just as important for analytical instruments as it is for a car. Not only does it save money, it also ensures flawless operation and reliable measurement results.
If your instrument is no longer functional, our qualified technicians are on hand to help. Repair services on- site or in our repair centres will help you to fix your instrument. We focus on performing repairs and restoring instrument availability as quickly as possible. 

Chemical & Research Chemical

Over more than 30 years as distributer or Agent for Equipment of laboratories, and the Analysis of the water in Kingdom.
Analytical lab instruments encompass a wide range of instrumentation whose principle purpose is to qualitatively and quantitatively analyse samples; the chemical makeup of a sample and the quantity of each component within a sample. The wide range of available equipment also allows for a wide range of testing methods and their respective applications. 


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