Drinking Water & RO Products

Here you will find the right product, innovative ideas or literature. Ensuring a high quality drinking water requires a comprehensive understanding of the complex processes. With over 60 years' experience in the analysis of drinking water, we have the expertise to assist you.
Turbidity in Water
Chlorine in Water
ph & ORP in water
Conductivity in water
Hardness & Alkalinity

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Waste Water Treatment Plant Products

Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Treatment With high quality products, consumables/accessories and comprehensive services, HACH LANGE is your ideal partner for water analysis. Providing cost- effective solutions for all your process needs.
Plug & Play: new sensors are detected immediately by the SC Controller, we can measure:
Dissolved Oxygen
Total Suspended Solid
Sludge Level
ph, ORP, Conductivity
Hardness, alkalinity,
Ammonium, nitrate, phosphate
Sample preparation
TOC, SAC, oil in water
Chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone

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Industrial & Power Plant Products

Complete Water Analysis Solutions for, POWER GENERATION
A- Silica / Phosphate
Hach 5500 sc Silica or Phosphate Analyzer

B- Dissolved Gases
ORBISPHERE K1100 Optical O2 Sensor
ORBISPHERE 3100 Portable Optical O2 Analyser

C- Sodium
POLYMETRON 9240 Multi- Channel or 9245 Single-Channel Analyzer

D- pH / ORP
8362 pH or ORP Sensor for High Purity Water

E- Conductivity
9523 Cationic Conductivity Analyzer
Contacting Conductivity Sensors

F- Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
QbD1200 Laboratory TOC Analyzer
FP 360sc Oil in Water Sensor

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